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If you ever will be reviewed cult "Fight Club", then pay attention to the words of comfort that Tyler Durden says the main character, after the explosion of his house: "Things could be worse. For example, any lady can, while you were sleeping, cut off your dick and throw it out the window ' .
     This is Brad Pitt's character alludes to a real case, in connection with which 20 years ago on January 10, 1994, 24-year-old Lorena Bobbitt appeared before the courts of Virginia. Lorena was accused that his penis cut off with a knife sleeping husband John Wayne Bobbitu, then got in the car, went into the field, where he threw the "cut a slice" through the open window of the car.
This story in feminist art. Nimbus, too, as it suggests ...

     Men will not shudder - police later found the piece of flesh, put it in ice, and was taken to hospital, where he was hospitalized, John Bobbitt. After a nine-hour operation, surgeons Saint James and David Berman missing part of the penis sewn into place, and then he (according to Berman) earned.
Dr. James September demonstrates to the court that it was Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband
 The incident occurred on the night June 23, 1993 in Manassas, Virginia, when John came home drunk. Later, at the trial Lauren would argue that after returning home, her husband raped her. But her screams none of the neighbors did not hear (the couple lived in a condominium), noise, too, no signs of violence in the form of torn clothing or bruises, abrasions or bruises on the body of Lorena was found.
     At some point during the night, Lorena Bobbitt got out of bed and went to the kitchen to drink, as she later claimed water. There paying attention to the knife for chopping meat, Lauren returned with him to the bedroom where John was sleeping drunk sleep of the just, and proceeded to a surgical procedure to reduce the size of his penis. Once, according to Lauren, a piece of John, and she took him to the field, where he threw to feed wild animals.
     Then, remembering that she had forgotten to tie her husband wound, and he could die from blood loss, and if the judge is a man, it is his unlikely to enjoy, Lauren called 911. But Bobbitt was lucky - the cut-off spot a blood clot, which is corked located in the penis large blood vessel, and blood loss was small.
Lorena and John Bobbity in court

     Immediately upon arrest Lorena told police the following: "He has always orgasm, and my orgasm he can not wait. He is selfish! ". These words were recorded on tape, and then were presented in court, where Lauren mention somewhat different.She claimed that her husband sexually, physically and psychologically raped her constantly, constantly cheated on her, and constantly made ​​her to have an abortion.
     In general, said everything that women usually say in a divorce - what her husband is scum. And do not be avoided Lauren 20 years in prison (that is how much she faces for "mutilation"), if the position of the prosecution is not tarnished himself John Bobbitt.
     At trial, John constantly confused in the testimony: he argued that talking about sex in That night did not go, and he immediately fell asleep. Then he began to remember what sex was like, but by mutual consent. Then surely remembered that Lorena tried to initiate sex, but he was too tired, and sex was not among them. Just John was so drunk that night that nefiga not remember about sexual intercourse (though he himself violence). This happens with the drunk.
     But it played in favor of Lorena Bobbitt, and after seven hours of discussion, the jury, consisting of 7 women and 5 men, recognized her not guilty by reason of insanity caused by the behavior of her husband. From criminal liability, respectively, Lauren released.

     The US media hyped the story so loudly that Lorena and John became famous, and their name has become a household name bobbitt. But the feminist movement created the character of Lauren, and even pay her attorney fees and treatment (because in the United States are the "lucky ones" who acknowledged not to be criminally responsible by reason of insanity, sent after the trial is not home, and specialized hospitals, for his regime is not particularly different from the prison).
     After this incident, the world started this "bobbittomaniya" - here and there, his wife began to hurl penises cut off their husbands, and throw them wherever falling. Here's the latest such case.
     July 11, 2011 from the town of Katherine Kew Garden Grove in California after a quarrel with her ​​husband (who got himself a new girlfriend, and in May filed for divorce), slipped sleeping pills into his dinner. Then tied him to the bed, hands and feet, woke vile apostate and cut off his penis with a kitchen knife.
     Cut Body woman stuck in a machine for grinding the waste, and then brought the device into operation and cause "fast" for her husband, and the police for themselves. Sew the time, of course, her husband has been nothing. Man (his name withheld) was able to urinate, but never again will have a sex life. Unless, of course, will not submit to homosexuals.
     police arrived Kew said that her husband "deserved what she did to him," her lawyers later argued that the woman suffering from mental disorders, including depression. But the jury did not listen to their arguments, and June 28, 2013 the judge sentenced Catherine Kew to life imprisonment (albeit with the right of seven years from the request for parole).
     But if Katherine Kew seven years and will be released, I I do not think she would ever find a new man - because there is nothing to cut members husbands, they should love and treat them with a decent respect.

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