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Hollywood loves to embellish life killers - in the real world, people who are ready to kill for money, often have a lot in common with the victims. But there were particularly cruel murderer, even by the standards of the profession.

1 Abdullah Catley


Turkish Assassin Abdullah Catley was known as the leader of the ultra-nationalist group 'Grey Wolves'. In 1978, he and other members of the gang killed seven students who were, in their opinion, communist revolutionaries. The students were members of the left of the Turkish Workers' Party, and the "Grey Wolves" broke into their apartment, expecting to find an armed enemy, but the students were unarmed. Militants linked them and shot. Another killer from "Grey Wolves", Mehmet Ali Agca, tried to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981. Two years earlier, Agca was jailed for the murder of a journalist, but Catley helped him escape to freedom. It is believed that this Catley organized the attack on the Pope for money. Catley Once recruited Turkish Intelligence Organization MIT. He attacked the members of the Armenian liberation movement, for which MIT paid him heroin.For drug smuggling Catley in 1984, was imprisoned in France, and in 1988, the year in Switzerland. In 1990, he ran again and became a killer, but this time he worked on the Turkish police. Since 1993, the police abducted and executed members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, fighting for the autonomy of the Kurds in Turkey. Catley not only killed - he is also extorting money from their victims by promising to protect them. But then still kidnapped and killed. Catley was killed in a car crash in 1996, the year, this event caused a scandal in Turkey: Catley was traveling with a senior police officer and a member of parliament, although still officially was wanted for the murder of his 1970s. The accident has shown the public communication of the authorities and the Turkish mafia. Catley and his gang killed about 4,000 people, whose activities, in their opinion, contrary to the public interest. 2. John Childs John Childs - one of the most brutal assassins in British history. A mystery writer who took a Childs interview, said: "He laughed once, when he spoke about the murders." His first contract Childs concluded in November of 1974 he was shot from a vending machine businessman named George Brett for $ 3000. At the same time he killed a ten year old son of the victim, to leave no witnesses. Next victim he killed already for $ 6700, it was a real estate salesman Fred Sherwood: Sherwood Childs scored a hammer, and then shot him. Neither one sacrifice Childs was not found.He claimed that the remains of chopped into pieces, passed through a commercial meat grinder, and then burned in her living room. Childs When caught, he said that he works for a man named Terry Pinfold and that he has a team-mate Harry McKenny. In 1980, both were sentenced to long prison terms on the testimony of Childs. They had been in prison for more than 20 years before with their charges dropped - the judges decided that Childs was a pathological liar. 3. Stretko KalinicIn the period from 2000 to 2003, the most powerful criminal organization in South-Eastern Europe was the Zemun clan. It was an offshoot of the Serbian mafia, whose members differ typical love gangster nicknames: among them, such as "The Fool" and "Rat." But the most brutal murderer among them was Stretko "The Beast" Kalinic. Kalinic got his nickname partly because of his passion for the dismemberment of bodies, and partly because he was willing to kill just as a favor to someone. When he was in the year 2004 killed Branko Zhevtovicha, then claimed that he did it "out of friendship, and not for the money" - he was asked by another member of Zemun clan. In 2003, the year the Zemun clan killed Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, and Kalinic was one of the initiators of the crime. His was sentenced in absentia to 30 years in prison, but was caught only in 2010, the year. In 2012, he and another prisoner tried to escape: Kalinic broke grilles, jumped out the window and overpowered the guard, but he was captured. Prime Minister Djindjic - the most famous of the victims Kalinic. But the worst may be called the murder of Milan Jurisic - he was a member of the Zemun Clan, but Kalinic beat him to death in 2006, the year, and then, together with two companions cut the body into pieces. Most of the remains thrown into the river, but something was crushed, cooked and eaten, and skin from the face Jurisic cut and made ​​of it a mask. 4. Christopher Flannery Australians called Christopher Dale Flannery "Mr Rental-on-Murder." He became a criminal in 14 years, starting with the break-ins and thefts. By the end of the career he was paid thousands of dollars for the killings. In 1979, Flannery got a bouncer at a nightclub in Melbourne, where he signed several contracts for the murder and eventually became engaged only this. One of his first victims was a lawyer Roger Wilson - for him in 1980, Flannery received $ 35 000 He kidnapped Wilson drove to the desert and killed, but his body was never found. Flannery was tried, acquitted, but was soon arrested for another murder. Flannery got this fake medical certificate of insanity. Try it with the document, it was impossible, so that then the killer calmly walked away. Issued the certificate doctor eventually went to prison for having interfered with justice.And Flannery took the liberty to move to Sydney, where he began working at the local enforcer kingpin George Freeman.According to one of the sons of Freeman, at Flannery "had its price per foot, a price for the hand and a price for the child."In the 1980s in Sydney held a "war of five bands" in which Flannery killed at least 13 people. He also worked undercover policeman Mick Drury, Flannery earned on $ 50,000. At the most dangerous assassin in the country, of course, were the enemies. In January 1985, the year he was shot near his home and wounded. 9 May of the same year, Flannery left the house, having been instructed by Freeman - since no one has ever seen, and the body was never found. In 2013, the year in the dunes to the south of Sydney found the skeleton: it was assumed that it Flannery, but a DNA test disproved this assumption. 5. Frank Shevish Frank "The German" Shevish - one of the most feared assassins in the history of Chicago.Former member of the law enforcement agencies of the city called it a "cold-blooded, hard killer who will kill anyone unless ordered to." It is known that he always spoke to the victim, "As you sow, so shall you reap" and then killed. Although he was suspected in more than a dozen murders, he was never tried for them, although the charges have been laid. In 2012, the year his daughter Nora Shevish performed in the reality show "The wives of gangsters" and called his father's reputation unfairly. In the same year, she insisted on the exhumation of his body, to make sure that the grave was he - she believed that the body could steal the FBI after his death in the year 2008. Many believe that Shevish killed Marilyn Monroe for the Chicago mob and all appointed as suicide. In December 1962, found the body of 18-year-old girlfriend Shevisha one detective claimed that she was killed when she found out about the murder of her boyfriend Monroe. 6. Bernard Hanvik By some estimates Hanvik Bernard, also known as "The Bear Barry" in 1982 made ​​up 300 kills. Perhaps this figure is too high, but fell from his hands no less than 100 people. Despite this, he was convicted of only one murder, and in 1999, the year - when he was put in jail for committing a murder and planning another. His arrest an undercover FBI agent after Hanvik took him in advance for the murder of drug dealers. Hanvik was married to former model magazine «Playboy», which became the seller of marijuana. His former employer said: "I've never seen anyone so cruel, like Barry Hanvik", describing how Hanvik gladly scored man almost to death before killing. Hanvik himself told once put in a person's mouth broken glass before you hit him in the face. Hanvika arrested for the murder of Richard cocaine smuggler Diego Messina, who was found with his throat cut. From the case of 1982 had to be abandoned because the police lied about getting a warrant to inspect the house Hanvika, where they could find evidence. Perhaps pressured by police - said Hanvik intends to overthrow the local mafia. As a result, many years later, the house Hanvika found guns, brass knuckles, high-powered rifle, homemade hand grenades. The going rate was Hanvika from $ 3000 to $ 5000 for the murder. Unsuccessful search in 1982 gave Hanviku another 17 years of freedom. He died in 2013, the year after serving for his crimes a little more than ten years. 7. Teens killer from Mexico Rosario Reta earned from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000, when he worked on the Mexican drug cartel hitman "Zeta". Now he is in jail on suspicion of the murder of 30 people. It seems to be nothing special, there were murderers and terrible, if not for his age: the first murder Reta made ​​just 13 years old. When he was caught, he was not even an adult. But there is even more shocking case. In 2012, the year of the 50 murders for drug gangs "Los Mazatlekos" was arrested on 16-year-old Francisco Miguel N. He was nicknamed "El Niño", which means "boy." He knew how to use an AK-47 and a pistol. He admitted that among his victims were police and farmers. 8. Rodney Charles Collins Australian Rodney Collins is considered the most "successful brownie killer." He is suspected of ten murders, although convicted was just two. He has earned several nicknames, including "The Duke", "Cherokee", "The Fox". He had connections with almost all the major criminals of the country. July 27, 1987-the year Collins, uniformed police, took the fake warrant to go into the house of a drug dealer Abby Ray and his wife Dorothy Abby. Abby Collins locked children in their bedrooms, and then tied the couple and slit their throats. Children were the first who found the body the next morning. Likewise were killed Shivella Michael and Heather MacDonald in 1990 - They were tied up and had their throats cut. Their children of eight and nine years old locked in a room, but then the children managed to get out and found the bodies. Almost as were killed Terrence and Christine Hodson. In addition, Collins was brutally killed his own wife. In 2010, he wound up in the Collins case failed. The key witness was the ringleader of the gang Carl Williams, who hired Collins to kill Abby. His beaten to death in prison a piece of gym exercise bike, so to testify Williams did not have time. Strange, but this exercise bike now has its own page on Facebook with 200 likes. 9. Jimmy Moody Jimmy Moody began his criminal career in London in the 1960s. He has worked on the most famous gangsters in Richardson and Kreev. In 1968, he was put in jail for murder, and he spent four years behind bars. When he was released, the world had changed - former employers, too, ended up in jail. Then he joined the team, to attack the armored trucks. At Moody was a chainsaw, with which he attacked the vehicles, and a gang called "Chainsaw Gang." Before in 1980 he was again caught and hybrids in Brixton prison awaiting trial, he managed to steal $ 1.5 million. Together with his cellmate, a soldier IRA Gerard Titus he dug a passage through the wall and escaped through the roof. then Moody moved to Belfast, where the alleged killer began to work on the Irish Republican Army. He soon became the most famous assassin UK - if needed, he led the people or public executions carried out in order to send a message. His reputation in Northern Ireland was such that, according to rumors, the British security service sent a strike force SAS to eliminate it. In the early 1990s, Moody returned to London, but to the modern world of drug trafficking was not ready. Before giving up their way of life, he managed to kill at least one member of the crime family. So corrected and repent too late. 1 June 1993 the year he had been drinking at a local pub. Around 22:00 am a man entered the pub and ordered a pint of lager. Without drinking a drop, he went to Moody, pulled out a gun and carefully drove four bullets Moody in the chest, one in the head and two in the back. Police described it as a professional performance - all except one: killer cursed while shooting. "Hired killers do not usually flaunt emotions," - said a police officer. Identity of the killer has not been established. 10. Fred Burke Nickname Fred Barca in the underworld was quite simple - "Killer." His favorite weapon was a machine gun, and, as a rule, he killed several victims at a time. He shot and killed three members of the gang in Detroit in 1927 - a case was known as the "Massacre in Milaflorese." It was the first in the history of urban murder, which used a machine gun. But his nickname Bark received a "Day massacre all the lovers" in the 1920s. February 14, 1929-the first year, four men dressed as police officers shot and killed seven gangsters of "Zhukov" Moran, the strongest rival Al Capone. One of the victims, John May, received 17 bullets. Bark, not paying attention, that he was already dead, he blew half of the head with a shotgun at close range. Bark immediately fell under suspicion of the police as one of the possible killers, but caught it at once. It only happened in 1931, when Burke got in an accident and shot the first police officer who arrived on the scene.Burke died in 1940, when serving a prison life sentence for murder on February 14.















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