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Not everyone can commit a crime. Most people understand that it is wrong to engage in illegal activities. Others prefer not to take risks because of the high probability of getting caught. But there is one particular group - people who are trying to live life of crime, but they simply do not work.
Deaf robber had not heard the alarm.
In August 1995, Klaus Schmidt tried to rob a bank in Berlin, rushed there with a gun and demanded money. Generally, this is a pretty standard way to the bank robbery. However, the bank's employees noticed that a criminal act rather strange. One of them asked the robber if he wants a bag, and he replied: "You're damn right it's a real gun!" Then they realized that Schmidt was a significant drawback - he was deaf.
Using this one of the workers turned the alarm. Schmidt did not notice. Even at that time, as there was an incredibly loud alarm, the robber was calm. When police arrived, they quickly took the offender into custody. However, Schmidt found a way to turn a negative into a positive - he tried to sue the bank for what they exploited his disability. Well, this story deserves to be announced from the stage her Ruslan white, talented actor and comedian, who plays in the fashionable genre of standup comedy.

Free beer helped catch 19 criminals.
In 2011, police in Derbyshire used an interesting strategy, offering wanted criminals free beer. Criminals were notified that we won on the box of beer each, and they need to contact the company to receive the prize.
Many were tempted by freebies. Nineteen fugitives named the time and place for the issuance of the prize. Instead of the free beer they found the police ready to take them into custody.
The offender gave the cashier your phone number.
In 2008, 18-year-old Ruben Zarat decided to rob a store in Chicago. He went in, armed with a gun and demanded money. But there was a problem - most of the money was in the safe, which could be opened only absent manager. Ruben decided he would try again later. To save time, he left his mobile phone store employees. According to the idea of ​​Ruben, they had to call him when the manager returns.
However, they first called the police Chicago. And when he returned, found Zarat officers waiting for him. There was a small skirmish, and, in the end, Zarat was arrested.
The offender left the birth certificate and a note from her mother.
Zarat violated a basic rule of any criminal - do not leave anything that can identify you. Even fingerprints or a strand of hair can lead police to the suspect. Sometimes, though, the criminals even more easier to work the police. As in the case when in Boston robber snatched the woman's purse and left that belonged to him - his birth certificate.
A man stole a wallet with $ 40 cash and documents of the victim. However, during the fight, he threw two own bags. In one of them there was evidence of his birth, identifying him as Zachary Tentoni, 26-year-old resident of Southington, Connecticut. The bag also had a letter from his mother robber, addressed to him.
Tentoni apparently realized his mistake, because when the police contacted him, he pretended he was someone else. It was useless. The victim identified him immediately.
Runaway donkey.
One of the most important aspects of a successful robbery is having a nice car to escape. Fast car or possibly a motorcycle would be a good option. But remember that ass - not the best vehicle.
But this did not know gang of thieves from Colombia. Their criminal case started when they stole Xavi, 10-year-old ass. This happened 12 hours before the main robbery, so they had plenty of time to search the car (or anything, but not a donkey), but they decided to stick to the plan.
In fact, the robbery went fairly well. Three criminals robbed the store, stealing food and rum. Then they loaded their goods on a donkey, and were ready to run, but refused to Xavi "factory".
Until that moment, the police did not even know that the robbery took place at all, but Xavi began publishing so much noise that attracted the attention of one of the nearby officers. The robbers fled, leaving Xavi along with all the stolen loot, submerged him.
Offender warned his target on the phone.
March 23, 2010 Albert Bailey with a minor accomplice decided to rob a bank in Fairfield, Connecticut. To simplify the process, Bailey called the bank and warned that they will come to rob him. They wanted to give the bank enough time to assemble and pack the money so that they could just go, take the money and leave.
A few minutes after the phone call Bailey sent his minor accomplice with a note (to avoid confusion in the event that the bank is waiting for the other robber). Meanwhile, the bank employee called the police and told me everything that happened.
The robbers demanded $ 100,000, but agreed on a slightly smaller amount (at $ 99,100 to be exact). As they expected, the money they have prepared, but the output from the bank were waiting arms of the police, who arrested them both at once without any resistance. They were charged with first-degree robbery and threats of the first degree. But because of the stupidity of the criminals themselves, even the prosecutor demanded only 10 years.
Hijacker could not cope with a manual gearbox.
On a sunny day in March in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, Melissa Peters was going to take my son to school. She went to her car, where 17-year-old Mganga Mganga put a gun to her temple. He has not shown much interest in either the mother or to her child, who quickly fled. He just sat in the car to steal it. There was only one problem - the car was a manual transmission, and with this Mganga was unfamiliar.
This was followed by a comic scene when Mganga turned on the headlights and windscreen wipers, trying to make the car go. A neighbor called the police. It took them about eight minutes to arrive and find an empty car.
After a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts to move the vehicle from the place Mganga decided to run away. The police went after him (probably because of the desire to make everything nice) and a few blocks away, they arrested him. A gun, which he used turned out to be bogus.
The robber failed in a house full of cops.
One of the keys to a successful break - find a suitable target. The perfect home - one in which the overall value and not just the people. Slightly worse house, whose residents are asleep. Now try to imagine the worst possible for a house burglary.How about a house full of cops? Here I chose Darren Kimpton of Abingdon, Northampton.
The house, which he had chosen, have been robbed a few hours before. The owner called the police, which was in the process of investigating the previous burglary when Kimpton interrupted. He tried to escape, but was captured after a brief struggle.
It was not the first unsuccessful attempt to break in Kimpton that day. He tried to get into the house next door, but could not do it. However, he managed to break the window, cuts and leave the blood at the crime scene, which allowed police to easily link the two crimes.
The offender gave gun.
Theft - it is quite difficult, so the robbers make mistakes. Things get even more complicated when you choose big goals, such as the Halifax Bank in London.
One day in the bank entered a criminal with a gun in one hand and a bag in the other. He demanded that the cashier gave him 700,000 pounds in cash.
Then he planned to give his bag to the cashier could fill it with money. Instead, he stumbled a bit and put a gun ... a short pause .... We robber took several seconds to realize his mistake. The cashier also thought a few seconds as he put down the gun in 700000.
Then the robber tried to grab his gun back, but a bank employee was the first, grabbed the gun and sent to the offender. But the robber still managed to get away and not empty-handed - he went on a bike bank employee.
The worst disguise.
Need a good disguise to conceal his true appearance. In addition, a good disguise should be invisible, so you can mingle with the crowd. Masking selected Dennis Hawkins, 48-year-old resident of Pittsburgh, who decided to rob a bank, absolutely failed.
His disguise consisted of a female wig, artificial breasts and clown pants. The first problem was the fact that his face was recorded by surveillance cameras. It can be assumed that Mr. Hawkins would like people to think that he is a woman. In such a case, it would have cost to get rid of a mustache and goatee.
The second problem was that his disguise was not exactly inconspicuous. Right after the police released a description of the offender, the staff informed of the person filling with a unique appearance, who was trying to steal a car. When police arrived, they found Hawkins, covered in red paint, which splattered his face from the stolen money.
In addition, after the robbery, he tried to rob a woman and hide in her car, but she just ran away, taking the keys with you.
So what advice to all criminals before the deal go test IQ.

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