Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The most dangerous criminal in the world

The most dangerous criminal in the world

With an estimated reward of R1.5 billion ($250 million) on his head South Africa has perhaps one of the most dangerous criminals in the world while there are also many very active campaigns both for and against this criminal.

In the foreground in the fight to eliminate this most sought after criminal once and for all is the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality that already tried almost every possible trick and method in the book.

It is however not so easy for them as there are also several other opposing parties that claims this criminal is not so dangerous and that the huge reward of R1.5 billion can rather be used to create jobs and fight poverty to reduce crime.

Their reasoning is that such huge amount can rather be used to build 100 000 houses for the hordes of homeless South Africans, or provide 3 million people with food for more than a month or feed 250 000 people for more than a year.

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and some political parties are however very sure that this criminal is so dangerous that nothing else is more important despite the fact that not a single court found this criminal guilty of any murder, rape or other serious crime yet.

Whether this criminal is dangerous and important enough to warrant a R1.5 billion reward versus the needs of the poor and seriously disadvantaged communities is for you to decide.

The name of this criminal is Pretoria. You read right yes. The cost to change the name of Pretoria to Tshwane would cost an estimated R1.5 billion rand.

That is a hell lot of money that can be used much better such as for example to offer a reward of R150 000 each for the 10 000 most sought after real criminals in South Africa but it seems that some political parties care less than nothing about crime and poverty.

All that matters is their ego and to truimph over each other.

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