Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Lynchings

American Lynchings


In the U.S. we often pass judgment on people in other countries: Germany, for the Holocaust; Japan, for its war crimes in Asia; Stalin for his purges.

We conveniently forget our own past, however. A past in which we enslaved hundreds of thousands of blacks -- beating them, working them in inhumane conditions, and killing them.

There are many photographs, showing crowds of U.S. citizens attending the most inhumane butchery imaginable, and getting away with it. If you'll notice, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

This page is a reminder that the beast dwells within all of us -- Americans, Germans, Japanese, Russian and all other nationalities. The urge to participate in butchery is not unique to any nation -- it is a universal affliction.

American Lynchings: Photos 1 and 2



American Lynchings: Photos 3 and 4



American Lynchings: Photo 5


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