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Summing up the year, let's remember most of curious and absurd crimes in 2013.

12-year-old thief spent 150 thousand rubles for prostitutes

In February, 12-year-old Artyom Z. from Georgievsk, who ran away from home and catch the shuttle bus to the nearby Pyatigorsk, robbed the cashier local supermarket "Magnet", seizing the moment and having withdrawn from under the nose of the cashier and the protection of the store 150 thousand rubles.
Artem was able to spend the money: Invite friends to the room city hotel, the guy spent two days in bed with a call girl.Ended the story arrest and transfer to a special boarding school Gornozavodsk where little thief within three years will have to work on correcting their behavior.
A resident of Rostov accidentally received in the ATM million rubles

Rostov police have arrested 29-year-old man, who seemed to smile fortune - he stumbled upon a faulty ATM and balance on the map 40 thousand managed to get 960 thousand more.
Russian police did not find the corresponding article in the Criminal Code, the man charged with theft, using recordings from CCTV cameras to capture him. Patients tubdispansera did in his room laboratory for the production of hashish in the Kemerovo region, patients of the local tuberculosis hospital set up in one of the chambers of the medical institution laboratory production of hashish. Law enforcers found out about it by accident, citing anonymous sources. In the House of patients exposed several dozen pots in which grew wild hemp, and has made ​​hashish from it - just at the moment the search police found a little more than 100 grams of drugs.

About where doctors looked institutions have no information. The investigation revealed that the drugs did not leave the hospital grounds - they were grown only for consumption within the walls of the institution. Moldavian cat arrested for smuggling marijuana into the prison in the illegal distribution of drugs was suspected and a cat living in the territory of one of the Moldovan prisons - unknown persons put on animal wide collar, which was hidden two bags with grass.

Department of Penitentiary Institutions of Moldova with full responsibility said that in this case the cat was just a courier, and marijuana was intended for prisoners. A similar crime took place in June in the Komi Republic - where instead of grass to the cat hitched a cell phone. Football coach was getting paid for the work with a non-existent command resourceful director of sports school in Severomorsk Murmansk region Mikhail Moyshevich invented his own way to improve the material well-being - is published three years ago ordered the opening in his school football team, consisting of 15 young athletes, he appointed himself head coach of the club. The trouble is that in reality the players as the team itself, existed only on paper and in the imagination of resourceful teacher.

This did not prevent Michael pocket 65 thousand rubles of state. As a result of the case Moyshevicha ordered to pay the state 165 thousand Russian rubles, probably forever undermining the faith of coach football. A drug trafficker from Kaliningrad took over police hallucination Three Kaliningrad addicts who supplied the whole area of marijuana from Europe, so do not expect the appearance of police in his apartment that one of the detainees did not pay officers burst into the internal organs no attention, taking the hallucination from eating grass. When the offender knew that it faces real operatives, then immediately got nervous, trying to wash off the toilet several packages with hemp, as well as 145 grams of methamphetamine, but nothing came of it.

During their detention, prisoners sincerely thanked the police for what they have caused them to think about a healthy lifestyle. Norwegian hunter accidentally shot sitting on the toilet pensioner Chasing elk in the area of residential villas, Norwegian hunter a good aim, and, as usual, missed - was shot in the booth toilet, where it was at this time sat hapless grandfather. Frightened shot, elk ran into the woods, but the man who was unable to escape, needed urgent hospitalization.

Arrow on the family of the victim was not offended, but law enforcement officers detained him to ascertain the circumstances. However, the wound was netyazhёlym and retired soon went on the mend. The French students robbed and stole circus circus Lama drunken French students from Bordeaux stole circus llama named Serge, and then went for a walk with the animals on the streets, keeping him on a leash. Holiday ended when friends sat in the tram - perepoloshёnny driver called security, which ceased holiday.

For a short time at liberty Serge started a accounts in social networks, where less than a day gathered more likes than the official profile of President Francois Hollande. Krasnoyarsk police prevented cook jelly addict with heroin efforts of the Russian police addict literally tore a piece out of his mouth - in one of the houses of the private sector police detained 31-year-old attacker, who wanted to cook jelly with heroin. According to the detainee, he found "a packet of salt" on the road and decided that nothing good to disappear.

Later, the suspect admitted that he was selling heroin Roma, who distributed it among local drug addicts. The mayor of Toronto has promised to cut the throat of his criticism of the truth, at the end of 2013, the mayor of the Canadian city of Toronto was the real star of the Internet - it happened after, when Rob Ford admitted to drug use and alcohol. For this he was fined and stripped of the powers, but the party had just begun.

The Internet began to appear one after another videokompromaty to the mayor, the most brutal and controversial of which was a hidden camera shooting the scene in which Ford promised to "gouge out the eyes" and "cut the throat" of his opponent (of the video was not clear about anyone specifically in question ).
Despite the fact that Rob Ford brought to administrative responsibility, he continues to hold office, almost every day making new tricks. American rescuers complained to him refused to drink the neighbors do not have such news, which would begin with the words "resident of Florida" and after reading would not cause a smile. A resident of Florida, was arrested by police for being one hour twice summoned police to the neighbors, who refused to drink alcohol with it.

James Collins detainee law enforcers explained that called them out of boredom and injustice, upset that his birthday no one wanted him to drink. Country singer shot for smoking in the wrong place Popular country musician from Tennessee Wayne Mills shot bar owner "Yama and barrel ", where a man went to drink and smoke. It all started with the comments of the owner institution and its request to put out a cigarette, or come up with cigarette butts on the street. Musician refused to do so, resulting in between him and the bartender there was a fight.

The owner of the tavern, self-surrendered to the authorities, said that he had acted in self-defense - the same incident and witnesses said. As a result, the men were cleared of all charges, and a few days later, he again stood at the bar. Mexican Zombie robbed a jewelry store in Mexico City, the Mexican capital robbers dressed in zombie "carried" jewelry store. It happened on November 2 - the day when Mexico celebrates the Day of the dead and all the passers-by walk in carnival costumes.

The robbers, who remained uncaught stolen jewelry in the amount of 76.5 thousand dollars. Australian casino robbed based on the movie "Ocean's 11" Melbourne Police brought expose fraud, robbed the casino Crown Casino. The crime was committed on the grounds of the Hollywood movie "Ocean's 11". Criminals use the camera surveillance casino transmit these data to one of the players at the table.

Among the accomplices of criminals entered one of the dealer places, who was arrested and fired.
A similar case occurred in a gambling establishment on the Cote d'Azur in France - there cheats using infrared contact lenses and labeled maps. 73-year-old Chinese man cheated the world of art in the $ 80 million modern art piece is so thin that it does not even understand all the criticism. In late summer, the Internet was reported that 73-year-old artist Pei-Qiang Shen, who came to the US from China for several years, creating paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman, passing them off as "unknown work" of these authors. Deceiving critics and connoisseurs of fine art, Qiang naprodaval canvases at $ 80 million.

Pei Shen took the FBI is following him since 2009, during the next auction. The subsequent fate is unknown genius wheeler-dealer. The Czech police arrested for robbing a store kangaroos in early September in the Czech city of Pilsen, police arrested a kangaroo, which caught the robbery of the store - to escape from the host 30-pound beast ran into the grocery store and began hiding in his bag yogurt, cheese and eggs. For some unknown reason herbivore taking with him and smoked chicken.

The owner of an animal caught paid all the stolen goods, and promised to closely monitor the kangaroo - before the pet has already ran from Czech, but was caught by police after three hours. The parrot from the village in the Kuban nakurival marijuana pensioner retired Cuban feed your parrot seed of marijuana, but that bird does not eat up, planted in the ground. Leaves of the plant grandfather carefully collected, dried, rolled and smoke each ordinary.

The fact that the pensioner is using drugs, law enforcement officers found accidentally when a man was hospitalized with burns received as a result of the fire, which originated from inadvertently left bongo, police called at his house and saw everything yourself. At trial, the pensioner admitted that he was to blame ill-fated bird that provoked him to illegal detail.American 13 years lied to his superiors that works for the CIA, receiving money for "special mission" In the US, police arrested John S. Bailey, who for 13 years worked in the Agency for Environmental Protection and received incredibly high salary of 206 thousand dollars a year, while assuring his superiors that he works for the CIA, which explains their months-long absences (for which, incidentally, he receive a higher salary) and frequent business trips .

During the ten years of traveling man visited different countries, spending a total of $ 1 million from the state treasury.Lawyers Bail say that their client has some mental problems - be they have in mind the remarkable abilities in economics and arithmetic.


10th place
Winner of the tenth place distinguished by the fact that trying to steal gasoline from home-van parked on the streets of Seattle. He put one end of the rubber hose into the hole in the camper, the other - in his mouth and began to suck the air.When police arrived, they found the thief, writhing in pain near the camper in a pool of filth. Later it became clear that the man mistakenly shoved the hose is not in the tank, and fecal tank. The owner of the van refused to sue, saying that never did not laugh.
9th place
This guy broke into five in the morning in a fast food restaurant "Burger King" city of Ypsilanti (MI), showed a gun and demanded the cashier to give all the proceeds. The cashier said quietly that he could not do it, because ticket office does not open until the customer does not place the order. Then the robber said he orders the onion rings. But the cashier all so calmly remarked that the rings have only served for breakfast ... Frustrated by the robber left the institution. 8 place

A woman came out of one of the New York store, when a stranger snatched her purse and ran. Seller immediately called the police, the woman described in detail criminal and a few minutes later he was arrested. After that the thief was brought back to the store, saying he must perform recognition. To which the man replied: "Yes, I knew this woman. That I stole her purse. " 7th place

One guy from Arkansas to death wanted beer. He decided to break the window of a liquor store, grab a drink and escape.Found suitable cinder block, raised it above his head, and with all his strength threw the glass. However, the window was made ​​of Plexiglas and is not broken. Cinder block bounced and went straight to the head of the failed robber who fell unconscious. The whole story was recorded on video surveillance camera. 6th place

This winner entered the shop Circle-K in Louisiana, went to the cashier, laid out on the counter and asked for $ 20 change.When the cashier opened the cash register, the guy pulled out a gun and demanded to give him all the money that the cashier immediately did. Then the robber ran away, leaving his $ 20 on the counter. The total amount stolen was $ 15 fines.5th place

American teenager admitted to the hospital with serious head injuries. When asked how he received the injuries, he explained that he wanted to see how close he can bring his head to a moving train before they (head and train) face. 4th place

One bus driver from Zimbabwe entrusted to carry to the hospital 20 mentally ill patients. On the way, he really wanted to drink, and he made ​​a stop at one of the illegal drinking establishments. When the driver returned to the bus, I found that all patients had fled. The man kept his head and drove to the nearest bus station and offered a free trip to twenty-comers.Then he brought about anything unsuspecting passengers in a psychiatric hospital, warning staff that all patients excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. Deception was revealed only after three days. 3rd place

After a snowstorm in Chicago one man spent an hour to clear snow from the place for your car. When a few minutes later he came to park, he saw that his place was taken by a woman. He immediately shot her without a word. 2nd place

Cook one of the Swiss hotel lost a finger when the twist meat grinder and turned to the insurance company for compensation. The company suspected that the cook carelessly handled the equipment and, therefore, are to blame. To test this version was sent to an expert who tried to repeat the actions of cooks and also left without a finger. Cook received his payment. Winner

During a robbery in Long Beach (CA) James Elliot someone tried to shoot from his .38 revolver, but got a misfire. And then he did what few people thought of would be: he turned the gun to himself, looked down the barrel and then pulled the trigger.At this time, the gun fired. ©


I apologize in advance for not very Christmas news, but still. If anyone knows, in rich Arab countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, virtually no crime. Local too rich, it simply makes no sense to steal. A semi-slaves visitors fait accompli: Sharia court merciless. Stole - cut off the hand. Murdered - beheaded.

However, until now the head cut and witches, and stoned for adultery, but it is rather an exception to the rule. However, the crimes themselves there exceptions to the rule, and every high-profile crimes such as robbery or rape scandal becomes a national scale. Five Yemenis in Saudi Arabia killed a man for robbery. Cruel but fair Sharia court not only sentenced them to death, but also ordered to hang the body for all to see. Next to the bodies in bags their heads.


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If you ever will be reviewed cult "Fight Club", then pay attention to the words of comfort that Tyler Durden says the main character, after the explosion of his house: "Things could be worse. For example, any lady can, while you were sleeping, cut off your dick and throw it out the window ' .
     This is Brad Pitt's character alludes to a real case, in connection with which 20 years ago on January 10, 1994, 24-year-old Lorena Bobbitt appeared before the courts of Virginia. Lorena was accused that his penis cut off with a knife sleeping husband John Wayne Bobbitu, then got in the car, went into the field, where he threw the "cut a slice" through the open window of the car.
This story in feminist art. Nimbus, too, as it suggests ...

     Men will not shudder - police later found the piece of flesh, put it in ice, and was taken to hospital, where he was hospitalized, John Bobbitt. After a nine-hour operation, surgeons Saint James and David Berman missing part of the penis sewn into place, and then he (according to Berman) earned.
Dr. James September demonstrates to the court that it was Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband
 The incident occurred on the night June 23, 1993 in Manassas, Virginia, when John came home drunk. Later, at the trial Lauren would argue that after returning home, her husband raped her. But her screams none of the neighbors did not hear (the couple lived in a condominium), noise, too, no signs of violence in the form of torn clothing or bruises, abrasions or bruises on the body of Lorena was found.
     At some point during the night, Lorena Bobbitt got out of bed and went to the kitchen to drink, as she later claimed water. There paying attention to the knife for chopping meat, Lauren returned with him to the bedroom where John was sleeping drunk sleep of the just, and proceeded to a surgical procedure to reduce the size of his penis. Once, according to Lauren, a piece of John, and she took him to the field, where he threw to feed wild animals.
     Then, remembering that she had forgotten to tie her husband wound, and he could die from blood loss, and if the judge is a man, it is his unlikely to enjoy, Lauren called 911. But Bobbitt was lucky - the cut-off spot a blood clot, which is corked located in the penis large blood vessel, and blood loss was small.
Lorena and John Bobbity in court

     Immediately upon arrest Lorena told police the following: "He has always orgasm, and my orgasm he can not wait. He is selfish! ". These words were recorded on tape, and then were presented in court, where Lauren mention somewhat different.She claimed that her husband sexually, physically and psychologically raped her constantly, constantly cheated on her, and constantly made ​​her to have an abortion.
     In general, said everything that women usually say in a divorce - what her husband is scum. And do not be avoided Lauren 20 years in prison (that is how much she faces for "mutilation"), if the position of the prosecution is not tarnished himself John Bobbitt.
     At trial, John constantly confused in the testimony: he argued that talking about sex in That night did not go, and he immediately fell asleep. Then he began to remember what sex was like, but by mutual consent. Then surely remembered that Lorena tried to initiate sex, but he was too tired, and sex was not among them. Just John was so drunk that night that nefiga not remember about sexual intercourse (though he himself violence). This happens with the drunk.
     But it played in favor of Lorena Bobbitt, and after seven hours of discussion, the jury, consisting of 7 women and 5 men, recognized her not guilty by reason of insanity caused by the behavior of her husband. From criminal liability, respectively, Lauren released.

     The US media hyped the story so loudly that Lorena and John became famous, and their name has become a household name bobbitt. But the feminist movement created the character of Lauren, and even pay her attorney fees and treatment (because in the United States are the "lucky ones" who acknowledged not to be criminally responsible by reason of insanity, sent after the trial is not home, and specialized hospitals, for his regime is not particularly different from the prison).
     After this incident, the world started this "bobbittomaniya" - here and there, his wife began to hurl penises cut off their husbands, and throw them wherever falling. Here's the latest such case.
     July 11, 2011 from the town of Katherine Kew Garden Grove in California after a quarrel with her ​​husband (who got himself a new girlfriend, and in May filed for divorce), slipped sleeping pills into his dinner. Then tied him to the bed, hands and feet, woke vile apostate and cut off his penis with a kitchen knife.
     Cut Body woman stuck in a machine for grinding the waste, and then brought the device into operation and cause "fast" for her husband, and the police for themselves. Sew the time, of course, her husband has been nothing. Man (his name withheld) was able to urinate, but never again will have a sex life. Unless, of course, will not submit to homosexuals.
     police arrived Kew said that her husband "deserved what she did to him," her lawyers later argued that the woman suffering from mental disorders, including depression. But the jury did not listen to their arguments, and June 28, 2013 the judge sentenced Catherine Kew to life imprisonment (albeit with the right of seven years from the request for parole).
     But if Katherine Kew seven years and will be released, I I do not think she would ever find a new man - because there is nothing to cut members husbands, they should love and treat them with a decent respect.


In Kyrgyzstan, nearly two-thirds of all marriages are the result ala kachuu ("Hit and Run") or bride kidnapping. Around 15,000 women a year are victims of kidnapping their future husbands. Although this tradition since 1994 is illegal, she is also widely practiced, and the authorities often close their eyes to it. Of course, some are staged abduction, but we know that most of them take place against the will of the bride.
Mayramgul, 19-year-old resident of the Kyrgyz village Aqsa, whose name her parents asked not to be identified in the media, has only recently recovered from a broken leg and mental turmoil. Injured girl was when she tried to escape from the three drunken men pursuing her village street car, says Kyrgyz human rights activist Ilya Lukash.
Drove the victim to the angle between the houses, the driver knocked her then Mayramgul dragged into a car and taken to the house of her future husband, whom she had seen for the first time. That same night she escaped through the window and walked with a broken about 10 km, returned home.

The older generation of the village at the table during the wedding.
"These pictures that resemble the Middle Ages - routine for modern Kyrgyzstan, says Lucas. The tradition of bride kidnapping, which is preserved in many nations only as comic wedding ritual, in this country has become a cruel and criminal fun.
"For example, you go in the bus - I saw a pretty girl - says Lukasz. - Call your friends, "I'm a girl I had noticed, I want to steal it." When the lady gets off the bus, grab her publicly, and no one responds. "
In this case, as in the famous Soviet comedy Prisoner of the Caucasus, the girl does not want to be kidnapped.

20-year-old Farid fights Tyhchykbekom who dragged her into the car with a friend to kidnap and force her family to marry her to him. "I'll marry you. Just let me go now, "- she yells.
Girls dragged into a car and took the bride to show parents Tyhchykbeka. In the same way occurs most abductions of young women in Kyrgyzstan. 80% of female prisoners are forced men to marry them, and only a few manage to escape from captivity. According to Kyrgyz human rights organization Open line, one-fifth of brides attackers steal just for fun.

18-year-old Aytilek in white headscarf. It is a symbol of what she succumbed to her kidnapper's request to become his wife.A man kidnapped her the next day after meeting in Bishkek. Bride kidnapping is illegal, though, still quite common in rural parts of Kyrgyzstan.
Unlike the movie, the real story does not end happy ending: the victims are often custom concubines and free labor in the house of the thief. Rampant poverty in the country only contributes to the spread of wild rite.
According to the research of the Institute of Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan, every year in the country kidnapped about 8 thousand. Girls, and most of them are abused and battered. 80% of their female prisoners are forced to marry men, and 20% manage to escape from captivity.

18-year-old and her husband Aytilek Baktiyaf, kidnapped her the next day after meeting in Bishkek.
However, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, over the past 12 years, police were only 159 facts of kidnapping of girls, and, according to police statistics, the criminal proceedings instituted in only one out of 700 cases.
Scanty statistics can be easily explained: the majority of the victims and their parents perceive the wild escapade as folk tradition, not a crime, and not in a hurry to apply to law enforcement agencies.

One of the yurts during the wedding ceremony.
18-year-old Bahtygul, a resident of Chui province, who asked to say her name in the press, first saw her fiance when she was taken to his house. Pre Bahtygul grabbed on the street and dragged by holding the hands and feet.
According to her, "betrothed", appeared twice her age, require consent to the marriage a few days, holding captive under the protection of the elderly accomplice - his relatives.
After weeks of unsuccessful attempts to escape abduction of the bride poisoned found in the house of potent pills. Was in intensive care in a coma, Bahtygul survived, but life remained disabled.
From the hospital frightened thief took Bahtygul to her parents, and a year later married another and had already to have children. "He remained unpunished, - complains injured - Before the kidnapping I was a young man, whom I wanted to marry.But now I do not need anyone. "

22-year-old bride Dinara in a scarf - a symbol of marriage. Dinara kidnapped Achmat, who wanted to marry her. 5:00 she refused him, but then agreed. "I do not know very well and Ahmad did not want to stay here," - says Dinara.

The next day, after Dinara accepted the offer Achmat Achmat relatives gathered to pray for the wedding in the house of her family.

Relatives and friends Dinara helps her to wear a veil on your wedding day.

Dinar and Ahmad pray at the wedding.

In the morning before the wedding, 24-year-old Ahmad - groom - dragging a sheep, prepared especially for the occasion. "I was looking for the right woman for a year and have been to many places, but never found the very same. I saw dinars for 10 days before it kidnapped in the market. Then the thought that I wanted to marry her. "

Mom (seated right), sister (center) and the guy (left) Urus Kasimbay mourn at her grave. Urus committed suicide after her kidnapped Seitbek Imonakunov. He was sentenced to six years in prison for kidnapping and raping a girl.

Figure couples in traditional Kyrgyz costumes.
By ala kachuu - tradition of stealing the bride - in the old days in Kyrgyzstan resorted mostly poor young people - those who were unable to pay the dowry, the bride's parents have redemption, historians tell. Another category - grooms with influential relatives, but who wish to marry a girl from a poor class. Abduction was a way to give institutionalized form of marriage.
In both cases, the rite looked quite decent and even beautiful: the bride dressed in the best clothes, she had to go out to meet the bridegroom itself - for example water to the creek, where she was waiting Kunakov groom. The parents of both parties knew in advance about the upcoming ceremony.
In Soviet times, the custom of forgotten, and with the collapse of the USSR and the awakening of the national spirit ritual again came into use, albeit in a distorted form. However, the layer of the Kirghiz, engaged in hunting for women, remained the same - it is usually not rich people, emphasize local human rights activists.

History teacher in high school 24-year-old Ahmad Kasimbaev (right) and his friends devise a plan to kidnap a 22-year-old Dinara on the way to her house.
According to the Central Asian Free Market Institute CAFMI, in Kyrgyzstan today to 20% of the unemployed (officially - only 8%), while the poverty rate is 36.8%. For comparison, in Ukraine - 14%, Russia - 13%, the Czech Republic - 9%.
The large mass of young people who are neither in school nor employed, concentrated in the rural areas - both in the mountains and around the major cities. Many have small homes, but they live only his garden land. A wife for this marginal contingent only means to get a free pair of hands.
In the spring of girls leave school, and families look for potential suitors already, who would graze cattle and do housework, says Rima Sultanov, monitoring specialist Kyrgyz centers for women.

20-year-old Farida next to his brother, who had come to rescue her from the family of the man who kidnapped her on the street Naryn.
"If my sister wants to stay here, I will not stop her. But look at her, she cries and says he wants to leave. So I take her home, "- so asked the young man failed to relatives of the groom. In the end, he was able to pick up his sister with him. Each year, about 16,000 women marry their captors. In Soviet times, this tradition is practiced kidnapping less than it is now, then usually the parents arranged marriages for their children.

Relatives of 26-year-old Tyhchykbeka waiting for him at the tent after he kidnapped student Farid, which intends to marry.Before you steal, he met the girl twice. Older sister Tyhchykbeka persuaded Farid to marry him while they were driving in the car, where Farid dragged by force.
Although a survey of another local human rights organization Open line, one-fifth of men steal brides just for fun, and if they have families, more than half of them fall in the first year of marriage.
High season catching brides in Kyrgyzstan in the spring and autumn - traditionally this period is and the increasing number of official marriages in the country.

Relatives of 26-year-old lead Farid Tyhchykbeka the tent after the abduction.
And the wedding and the limitation of human freedom in the minds of many Kyrgyz - are indivisible, and the disappearance of a woman in front of everyone usually does not protest. For example, in December 2012 Open line defenders simulated abduction in central Bishkek, near the Philharmonic Hall. Two young men were pulling "bride" to the car, the "victim" cries out for help, and, moreover, that there were many people around, no one thought to intervene, even though the girl has been accessed emphasized hard and rough.

The elder cousin of the groom tries to convince 20-year-old Farid marry him.
Such a low threshold of criticality to such actions by others laid in the national character, says Anna Lyanna, a psychologist specializing in violence against women. In her opinion, proper upbringing boys get many Kyrgyz families.

26-year-old Tyhchykbek with relatives are trying to persuade the 20-year-old Farid marry him. "I promise that you will be happy in the future, so please marry me" - he said. She replies: "How could you kidnap me? You know that I have a boyfriend. Even if I marry you, love between us will not. "

18-year-old Cholpon sits behind the curtain waiting for the guests at the wedding. Two days earlier, her kidnapped Aman.Cholpon Haman saw before, but they never even talked.
"When they brought me here, I refused to 6 hours. But for Kyrgyz women, if you entered the house of a man leave rude, besides, older women tried to persuade me to stay. Our tradition - respect elders. So I finally gave in. "

18-year-old Cholpon and her future husband, Aman pray during a wedding ceremony.

18-year-old Cholpon in their new home - the home of her new husband Aman.

22-year-old Dinara opposed to what the older relative of the person who kidnapped her, trying to put on a girl a white handkerchief. Handkerchief indicates that she gave up and ready to get married. After 3 hours, she finally gave up and called her parents to say that he would remain with Ahmad. That same evening, Dinara returned to his home. The next day, Ahmad gave her a ring and brought back to his house.

Newlyweds Dinar and Ahmad having fun in her room in the first week of life together.

Dinara bride in her husband's house.

26-year-old Elvira Kasymova with his 2-year-old daughter Adinay. Due to domestic violence, she left her husband's home Azamat and now lives with her parents. Azamat taxi driver kidnapped her in 2004. He brought the girl to his home and forcibly held her there, leading to marriage. Kasymov says that urged it to stay with the bride and relatives Azamat. On leaving the house, they sprinkled bread crusts - traditionally stepped on bread incur the curse.
"I have never met Azamat and did not want to marry him, but his older cousin continued to persuade me. Kyrgyzstan is considered rude to step over the hospitality, and if a woman went into the house of men, it is no longer considered to be clean. Therefore, to avoid scandal, I gave up. Now, when I left her husband's house, I started to go to medical college. I want to get a divorce in the future to become a physician. "

The oldest couple in the town of Salou. 83-year-old Eschen and his 82-year-old wife Tursun. Eschen Tursun kidnapped in September 1954. "We do not like modern way bride kidnapping, - they say. - We know each other well and exchanged letters with declarations of love before the abduction. Now young people are simply kidnapped girls, and it's not our tradition.Today's non-consensual kidnapping - just a fashionable trick ".

Judge Sabir Sudanbekov checks documents at the hearing.
The expert concludes that the illiterate villagers are not familiar with the laws and not only do not realize the gravity of the crimes, but indirectly they are covered. So, from a story by a human rights activist, the mother of a girl who ran away from home groom met her and slaps with the words: "You brought shame on our family this flight." She refused to accept his daughter, who had escaped from intruders, and forced her to return to the groom's house.
Meanwhile, the Kyrgyz Criminal Code provides for even a separate article for the kidnapping of women for marriage against her will. Until recently, she assumed the maximum penalty - three years in prison. On the 2013th term increased to seven years, and if the victim minor - up to ten years. However, as before, and now the kidnappers brides rarely fall behind bars.

Defendant 34-year-old Seitbek Imonakunov. He stole the Urus Kasymbay, and although two days after that, the family took her back, she hanged herself in the yard the next morning. Seitbekov sentenced to six years in prison for kidnapping and rape.

Dinarkul holds a photo of his 19-year-old daughter Kasymbay Urus, who committed suicide after she was kidnapped. Urus studied at the journalist, and she had a boyfriend, whom she wanted to marry. Kidnapped her 34-year-old stranger, but two days later her family was able to free her. Yet the next day the girl committed suicide. "My daughter was very clever and fun.I am against the kidnapping of brides in Kyrgyzstan ", - says her mother.